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The 3·6·5 Salon Education Programme

As a member of 3∙6∙5, you will work through the core Business Builder salon coaching programme, over the course of two years. Forming the framework of your business; the eight Business Builders arm you with all the essential information you need to drive your salon towards success.

Following this core programme you can choose to revisit elements that you feel you may need help with as well as exploring our specialist courses and exclusive team days. On top of this you will gain access to our annual inspirational Business Boutique. You can also choose to join us on the annual Symposium; a fun-filled two-day conference created to inspire and motivate members for the coming months.

Interested in joining 3∙6∙5 or simply want to learn more, then get in touch with our friendly team

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Business Builder 1

You will also discover a system to set you apart from your competition by creating a true salon experience to exceed your guests' expectations with every visit that will have them returning to your salon time and time again.

• An introduction to 3∙6∙5
• Create a stand out experience
• Goal focusing

Business Builder 2

For salon owners and managers, this is where the true understanding of how your business works begins. Most businesses fail due to poor financial control, and although we will not teach you how to become an accountant, we will share easy to understand systems to provide financial stability for your salon.

• Financial systems
• Forecasting
• Advertising

Business Builder 3

Take the fear out of finance and get your figures on track. A large part of BB3 is devoted to how to best develop your team, vital for successful team management.

• Profit and loss
• Cash flow
• Team development

Business Builder 4

Revisit the customer experience, focus on your reservations (reception) for a fantastic first impression and delve into the world of marketing and PR to boost profitability.

• Reservations First Impressions
• Introduction to Marketing and PR
• HR Key Moments

Business Builder 5

Understand how to merchandise, control stock and grow sales. Develop Key Results Areas to measure performance and focus on managing your time in the best way.

• Volume Retail
• KRAs (Key Result Areas)
• Time Management

Business Builder 6

Create your own system to run the salon effectively while you are not there. Join the debate on discounting and what this could mean to your business.

• SOS (Salon Operating Systems)
• Evolution coaching
• Discounting

Business Builder 7

Understand the role marketing plays in your business growth and discover ways to motivate your team.

• The Marketing Mix
• Guest lifecycle
• Team motivation

Business Builder 8

Revisit the customer experience, discover crucial skills in negotiating and focus on evaluating your 3·6·5 journey and where your business is now.

• Revisit 5-Steps
• Negotiating
• Evaluate your business

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