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Beautiful Hair

3·6·5 hair stylists will not only take into a consideration your hair type and desired result, they will consider your lifestyle, face shape, the time you have to spend on your hair each day and also your sense of style is tailor-made just for you. They will also coach you in how to achieve beautiful hair 365 days of the year.

Superior Service

3·6·5 Salon Owners and their teams take part in continuous education to improve not just their business, but also to continually exceed your expectations. Superior service is at the heart of every 3·6·5 salon, we believe that your salon visit should be a luxurious and relaxing one.

Professional Recommendation

A professional product recommendation can make all the difference to your home hair care experience once you leave the salon. No one knows the challenges you face with your hair more than you do. Share these with your stylist for a professional recommendation to take home and put an end to bad hair days.

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